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1986                (with Hilary Tomes)  Curriculum Option Choice in Multi-Ethnic Schools,  Report of a Project Funded by the Department of Education and Science 1983-84.   Lancaster. University of Lancaster.  pp 230


1987                 (with Policy Studies Institute)  Factors Associated with Success in Multi-Ethnic Secondary Schools,   Report of a Project Funded by the Department of Education and Science. Policy Studies Institute. University of Lancaster. 
pp 251


1988                 (with Peter Coulson)  A Descriptive Analysis of a  Sample of Projects Funded by Education Support Grants in Mainly White Areas,  Lancaster.  University of Lancaster.  pp 197


1991                 (with Sarah Hutchison)  Bangladeshi Parents and Education in Tower Hamlets,  London. Advisory Centre for Education.  pp 54


1991                 (with David Galloway and Derrick Armstrong)  The Identification of Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties: Participants perspectives,  Final report to ESRC

                        (Grant No. R000 2323 93).  Swindon.  ESRC


1993                 Alternative Policies in Education: A Report for the Leverhulme Trust,  London. Goldsmiths College.  pp 145 (Grant no. F.391/F)


1995                 Teachers' Views of the 14-19 Curriculum: A Report for the National Union of Teachers  London.  Goldsmiths College.  pp 52


2000                  Report on Widening Access and Participation at Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education  CGCHE  Cheltenham.


2001                 Evaluation of the SEIGYM Programme : Somaliland   London.   Africa Educational Trust


2010                 NEETS, Yobs and Kripples : lower attainers in a global knowledge economy  Report for the Leverhulme Trust. London.




1974-1977       Senior Fellow on Nuffield-funded research project: “A Study of Housing, Employment and Education of Immigrant  Workers and their Children” (54,000)


1975-1979       Individual empirical research for PhD thesis on “Decision-Making in Special Education - With Some Reference to the Children of Immigrant Workers.”


1981-1982       Individual Research: “Black Women in Higher Education.”


1981-1986       Co-Director of Department of Education and Science funded research on “Factors Associated with Success in Multi-Ethnic Secondary Schools” (with the Policy Studies Institute). (108,000)


1983-1984       Director, DES-funded project on “Curriculum  Option Choice in Multi-Ethnic Schools.” (15,400)


1987                Travel grant, British Council. To address research seminar on “Special Education”, University of Murcia, Spain. (500)


1987-1988       Research funded by Wigan Local Education Authority (by Seconded Teacher's salary). “Multicultural Education in All-White Areas. Curriculum Development under Education Support Grants.”


1989                University Grants Committee funding for In-service course in Special Educational Needs. (26,500)


1989-1991       Co-Director: Economic and Social Research Council- funded research: “Identifying emotional and behavioural difficulties: participant perspectives.” (43,370)


1989                University travel grant: Addressed Conference for the Council for Exceptional Children.  San Francisco. (500)


1990-1991       Director, Advisory Centre for Education-funded project on “The Involvement of Bangladeshi parents in Education.” (12,500)


1990-1993       Director, Leverhulme-funded project on “Alternatives in Education, An Analysis of Past and Present Educational Policies and Suggested Alternatives for the future.” (22,500)


1990                University Travel Grant.  Addressed Conference of the Council for Exceptional Children, Toronto, Canada. (250)


1991                Grant from Department of Multiculturalism, Canadian Government, Ottawa, to address seminar on “Nation State and Diversity.” (900)


1992                Grant from Queensland Department of Education, Australia, to speak at Conference on Social Justice,  Equity and Disability. (800)


1992                Grant from UNICEF to address the First Workshop of the Urban Child Project: Children of Migrants and Minorities.  Florence, Italy. (700)


1993                Grant from Dutch Ministry of Education to consult with the Committee of Evaluation of Primary Education. (800)


1994                Grant to address Workshop on Ethnic Conflict and problems of advanced Industrial Societies.  Woodrow Wilson Centre, Washington, USA. (1,000)


1994                Grant to address a conference on the Education of the Adolescent. Carnegie Corporation/Johann Jacobs Foundation. Marbach, Germany. (approx 1,000)


1994                Director,  National Union of Teachers pilot research project,  Teachers' Views of the 14-19 Curriculum. (3,500)


1997                Grant to address second workshop on “Ethnic Conflict in the Post-Industrial World” Rockefeller Foundation, Bellagio, Italy (approx 1000)


1998                Grant to address 2nd International Symposium “Regionalism and Immigration in Europe” Japan Centre for Area Studies, Osaka, Japan (approx 2000)


2000                Grant to research “Increasing Access and Participation at Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education”  (2000)


2010                Grant from the Leverhulme Trust to research low attainers in a Global Knowledge Economy. (10,000)


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